Sunday Brunch

feb2016 037

Croque Madame

Brunch is the best leisurely event that happens on a Sunday. Yes, football fans, it’s even better than the all American tradition of Sunday football. What could be better than being able to enjoy a decadent, midday meal that also comes with an adult beverage? Ok, that sort of describes watching football, but being immersed in brunch doesn’t involve cooking for anyone.

I enjoyed brunch this week at The Laundry in Fenton. Opened in August of 1997 as a small deli and bakery, The Laundry focused on great breads, desserts and specialty sandwiches. The Laundry of today looks quite different with an expanded dining space, a liquor license and a microbrewery facility. Though, the atmosphere and quality of excellence has always stayed the same.

The Laundry is now considered one of the best breakfast spots in America according to Thrillist.  I totally agree with them, the food is so delicious. We started with a beverage and went super traditional with a mimosa—conventional but a fun beverage to have with a good friend. I’ve heard all about their infamous Bacon ‘n Brie Hotcakes but, again, I went a little old school with the Croque Madame. Salty applewood smoked ham, sweet house-made raspberry preserves in between thick slices of French toast all topped with an over-easy egg—just dreamy.

Room in our bellies for nothing else but stellar company and delightful conversation, our brunch came to an end. The good news is my good friend and I will meet again in four weeks, as we always do, to eat, drink and catch up on our lives. Should we try another brunch venue or meet up for dinner or a glass of wine? So many options for good food here in Michigan, any suggestions? —Pam Aughe, R.D.


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