Michigan Food Finds


Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Simply Smart Bar


The 10th annual Making it in Michigan Conference and Marketplace Trade Show was this week. It was the perfect place to learn about Michigan food products and a great way for local businesses to expand their market.

One product in particular that spoke to my dietitian thinking was Simply Smart Bar. It is a whole food bar made from plant-derived foods. Made right here in Oak Park, Michigan, these bars are a great on-the-go meal replacer that you can feel good about eating. With ingredients that are easy to recognize—flax, almonds, apricots, raisins and pea protein—you know what you are consuming.

Most Americans could benefit from eating more plant foods as they are essential for good health. Plant foods produce thousands of phytochemicals—a compound produced by plants—that is proven to have health promoting properties. Simply Smart bars are chock full of plant foods while also full of fiber and protein making them satisfyingly filling.

Simply Smart Bars contain sustainable ingredients, are nutrient-dense and delicious to eat. Support made-in-Michigan products for your next snack.

—Pam Aughe, R.D.

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